Monday, August 23, 2010

The Second One Went Too!

We did it! Number two went off to kindergarten today. It was a little different for me this wasn't the oldest, it was a girl - not a boy. The build up was different too. Girly Girl wasn't excited to leave preschool back in May and it took pretty much the whole summer to get her to the 'this is going to be awesome' point. It was a great day. We had practiced our morning routine last week, so that part went off without a hitch. Took standard pictures and off we went - Mom, Dad, Toads & Girly Girl. Leaving Samoosa behind didn't bother anybody (so sad).

As Nathan said afterwards, 'we are irrelevant'. We walked Toads to his 1st grade class and he didn't even acknowledge us. Nothing. The kindergarten hall wasn't that much different. Girly Girl walked down the hall on her own and then wanted us to walk in with her. We did and she proficiently unpacked her bag, found her desk and began coloring with her favorite color - orange. She did pause long enough for a photo with Mom. They both really could have done it without us. There were no tears. Not even lingering hugs. We prayed on the way to school and told them we loved them when we left. Off they went.

I couldn't wait to pick them up. Well, not the car service I was running. One pick up at 1:50 and then the other at 3:20. Not enough time to go all the way back home. I wanted to hear all about their fabulous days. Girly Girl promptly got in the car and announced 'I don't want to tell you about it'. I knew she had a good day because her teacher had already told me, so I just ignored the comment and didn't talk to her for about ten minutes. Eventually, she opened up and told me some of the juicy details. The best part - recess; the worst part - getting lost; the funniest part - Mrs. Wiggin doing recess rules. Mrs. Dees - 'I love having her as my teacher'. She's flat out exhausted. The tears started flowing when she realized that her teacher kept today's artwork so she could show it to us later. Everything from that point on had drama and tears. At bed time, she was willing and excited to go back tomorrow.

Now the boy, I expected no juicy details. But I got - 'it was the best day ever!' I was astounded. He just started telling me everything (more about that in a later post) and he had a blast. Tomorrow, we do it again. Mom's not going in. The boy will take the girl. I will keep praying over them and enjoying the two little girls. What an exciting time in the life of our family! Watching all these little people grow up. I'm having a blast.

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