Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Beaming

The fifth birthday is a big deal around our house. The boy got a gun and started learning personal money management skills. The girl recently turned five and is learning money management. She also got her ears pierced. We talked about it for some time............that she was becoming a young girl and would have responsibilities; that she is a beautiful girl created by the Lord. She was so excited, until we got to the store and discovered they were closed. It's a long story, but only the Lord could have worked this out. I had called the store to get all the details and they told me the 'good lady' arrives at work around 6pm each evening and she could only do one ear at a time. I was a bit concerned that we might only end up with one ear done after the drama that would unfold, so one ear at a time was not my ideal situation. Well, when we pulled up and unloaded the Six Linos out of the van for the big event, they were closing the store - it closes at 6pm every day. So Girly Girl, fell apart - was just devastated that she would not get her ears pierced. We went down the road a bit to another store that I knew did piercings and it was fabulous. Both ears at the same time!!! Thank you Lord for working it all out. She climbed up in the chair like a big girl and did not cry at all. She was beaming from ear to ear, jumped up in her daddy's arms and absolutely loves her new look.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Girls Gone Wise

Women, you must read this.........Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild by Mary Kassian. I finished it earlier this summer and it is still working on my heart and mind. It is something every woman or young lady in the reality of today's culture needs to read. If you are not the wild woman now, you have been or are in close contact with ladies who are and the way of the wild is not God's best for any woman. Kassian takes a structured, Biblical approach to combating the destruction caused by a woman being caught in the enticement of our seductive culture. From Proverbs, she offers 20 points of contrast of the Wild Thing and Wise Thing: heart, counsel, approach, attitude, habits, focus, appearance, body language, roles, sexual conduct, boundaries, authenticity, neediness, possessions, entitlement, reliability, speech, influence, sustainability, and teachability.

Each chapter or point of contrast can impact your daily living. Perfect for individual study and reflection, this book would also be a great small group resource. The Biblical principles are laid out in a candid and graceful way in order to encourage women to embrace the meaningful and redemptive life found only in Christ. Kassian's website has a video book blog, study questions and numerous other resources to supplement the book.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Second One Went Too!

We did it! Number two went off to kindergarten today. It was a little different for me this wasn't the oldest, it was a girl - not a boy. The build up was different too. Girly Girl wasn't excited to leave preschool back in May and it took pretty much the whole summer to get her to the 'this is going to be awesome' point. It was a great day. We had practiced our morning routine last week, so that part went off without a hitch. Took standard pictures and off we went - Mom, Dad, Toads & Girly Girl. Leaving Samoosa behind didn't bother anybody (so sad).

As Nathan said afterwards, 'we are irrelevant'. We walked Toads to his 1st grade class and he didn't even acknowledge us. Nothing. The kindergarten hall wasn't that much different. Girly Girl walked down the hall on her own and then wanted us to walk in with her. We did and she proficiently unpacked her bag, found her desk and began coloring with her favorite color - orange. She did pause long enough for a photo with Mom. They both really could have done it without us. There were no tears. Not even lingering hugs. We prayed on the way to school and told them we loved them when we left. Off they went.

I couldn't wait to pick them up. Well, not the car service I was running. One pick up at 1:50 and then the other at 3:20. Not enough time to go all the way back home. I wanted to hear all about their fabulous days. Girly Girl promptly got in the car and announced 'I don't want to tell you about it'. I knew she had a good day because her teacher had already told me, so I just ignored the comment and didn't talk to her for about ten minutes. Eventually, she opened up and told me some of the juicy details. The best part - recess; the worst part - getting lost; the funniest part - Mrs. Wiggin doing recess rules. Mrs. Dees - 'I love having her as my teacher'. She's flat out exhausted. The tears started flowing when she realized that her teacher kept today's artwork so she could show it to us later. Everything from that point on had drama and tears. At bed time, she was willing and excited to go back tomorrow.

Now the boy, I expected no juicy details. But I got - 'it was the best day ever!' I was astounded. He just started telling me everything (more about that in a later post) and he had a blast. Tomorrow, we do it again. Mom's not going in. The boy will take the girl. I will keep praying over them and enjoying the two little girls. What an exciting time in the life of our family! Watching all these little people grow up. I'm having a blast.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Novelty Hasn't Worn Off

Our precious almost three year old surprised me yet again. I knew Samoosa was excited but I had no idea it would translate into today's experience. She came to 'big church' with the family for the first time today. The older two came at about this age as well and she has been begging to come for a few months now. So, with promotion Sunday today, we made the leap.

We prepared ahead of time. I had been training the older two all summer to sit next to each other instead of one on each side of me. Since Nathan has other responsibilities, there is no way to split up all three if them. Samoosa helped pack her big church bag with special goodies that are just for the sermon. She checked out the worship center and 'our seats'. We had many discussions and great excitement about her joining us in worshipping the Lord and trying not to distract others.

She loved it! She focused intently on what was happening on the stage. Climbed in and out of her seat at the appropriate times. Bowed her head and closed her eyes. Didn't call out for Daddy while he was on stage. Only spoke a few times and not all that loudly. Enjoyed her bag of goodies. I couldn't have asked for a better first go of it.

I am not completely delusional. I know it was new and there was still novelty to the whole thing. I know the next several months will be hard. I probably won't be able to replay an entire sermon in my mind for months. Worship just won't be the same for me for a while. It's so worth it! One day not long from now she will hold up her own hand written note in the middle of a sermon just like her older sister did today - 'I love you Jesus'. Molding her heart and modeling a love and worship of the King is worth every minute of half-tuned-in sermons.

Family worship with Daddy on stage 'preaching to the big people' and our 6, 5, and almost 3 year old with me on the second row of a major construction zone is a treasured memory that will never wear off.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maybe It is Just for the Moms

I am willing to consider and maybe admit it...............there is an ever so slightly, almost barely a possibility that one year old birthday parties are just for the mom. At least that's what my husband would argue. We have now hosted four of said 'one year old birthday parties' in our home with friends and family for each of our four Cs. They took a decent amount of effort and lasted just long enough for all to enjoy the food, cake and presents. I won't go into all of the details of the discussion, but it wasn't just for me. I would like to think. I want the kids to have memories - or pictures of memories. It is such a milestone and a special day. I want them to know that we celebrated their first year. I could go on, but it is a discussion I have decided not to pursue since we are past all of our one year old parties.

I'm glad we did it! Our last one was for String Bean a couple of months ago and she had a wonderful time. I have the pictures to prove it. She ate her sugar and dairy free muffin after being stared down and sung to and then opened her presents and played with her two little friends, Mr. D and Miss G. Great memories - even if it was just for me!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'll Tell You How I Really Feel

I've heard it several different ways.......How do you feel about this? Is he there all the time? Is the new guy going to pick up where the old guy left off? He's coming too? He was there for that? And the list could go on and on. Here's how I feel about it......

It is the apprentice-pastor program that is part of the NEHBC long-term vision for church planting. It is an investment in future pastors, some of whom will become part of NEHBC church plants. As the Senior Pastor's wife, it involves me. Nathan and I discussed this program long before it came to fruition. We had thought and prayed about it and knew that this was something we wanted and should invest our lives in. Being a part of mentoring young pastors is a privilege and something we take very seriously.

So how does this work?
A future pastor commits to spending 12 months with Nathan learning and soaking up everything he can about the ins, outs, dos, don'ts, hows, whens and whys of being a pastor. He keeps to Nathan's schedule daily and often spends more time in a day with Nathan than the kids and I do. I don't keep up with what all they do during the day, but it's usually the evenings and weekends that involve the kids and me. The apprentice hangs out at our house and with our family on a very regular basis. He eats dinner, he comes to birthday parties, he does high school football, he veg-es on the couch, he's part of this never-dull Six Linos family.

So why do you do this?
We do the apprentice program to help equip future pastors. We do it because of all of the times we have looked at each other and said 'they didn't teach us this in seminary." It's not that we have all of the answers or that there is not high value in the things you learn in the seminary setting. It's because there are countless experiences in the life of a pastor that can only be learned 'in the field'. We do it because we believe that the Lord is able and willing to use some of what He is doing in and through us to help shape His future shepherds as well as our family. We do it because we love the ministry the Lord has called us to and we are excited about His Kingdom.

But really, what do you think?
Yes, he's here most of the time.
Yes, the new guy has picked up where the old guy left off.
Yes, he's coming too - to almost everything.
Yes, he was there for that - and will continue to be.
A lot of teaching and learning takes place in our van or on our couch while the kids are screaming and I'm cooking, mediating or changing diapers.
I love it.
Our kids have a blast - and a good role model.
There are some times I don't want him around.
I can't think of any annoying times - just times I needed my space.
I can't wait to see the ministry that these guys have 15 years down the road.
It's a sacrifice I've chosen to make.
It's fulfilling to be a part of Nathan's call on his life.

Bottom's for His glory and it's not about me.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No Drama, Just Boys

I cannot fully imagine what it would be like to have more than one boy. I recently got a glimpse.....stinky, hot, sweaty, loud, rough, high speed, fun. I traded two little girls for one boy - our only nephew - for a couple of days. Toads has three little sisters and JL has two older sisters. If only there were some brothers along the way......I don't think I could handle it. We were at the soccer fields by 7:15 in the morning, spent over and hour trying on every piece of equipment Academy has to offer and played outside in the Texas heat and dirt for longer than String Bean and I care to remember. But did those two little guys have so much fun!! There were no bossy little girls to tell them what to do. I just hosed them down several times instead of discussing the dirt on everything and ignored all of the very loud crashes and thuds coming from the floor above me.

To all you moms of multiple or only have my respect. I think I will enjoy my drama queens for now and cut the boy some slack when he is tired of accommodating the females in his life. Now if only we can convince those sisters to wrestle without crying and sweat without complaining.

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Good to Be Five

This little jewel turned five years old today. Our Girly Girl is such a joy to have as part of our family and it has been five years full of excitement, all things pink, giggles, dress up, passion and of course some drama along the way. Her little personality is just precious even if sometimes puzzling. She only likes to play games she knows how to play - which means she can win. She wants everyone to follow the rules. She likes to be in charge of all of the aforementioned rules. She wants to play with her brother and all the boys - while wearing her tutu and heels. She loves to read. She takes things very seriously. Everything except her closet must be just so. She wanders in her own world. She is just perfect!

I am certain the next five years will bring many more moments of joy and laughter as we watch her grow into a young lady. I am looking forward to parenting and loving this precious gift from the Lord. I am thankful that He has entrusted her to us.

Happy Birthday Girly Girl!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Prayers Needed for Adah

Please pray for the 6 yr old daughter of a friend of mine. Adah was diagnosed with leukemia on Tuesday and received her first chemo treatment today. I know her parents from my high school days and was able to visit them today at the hospital. They have a long road ahead.

You can follow their journey at and pray accordingly.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Just the Four of Us

Our summer has been packed. I've been trying to make a list of all the memories we've made at home and on the road and I know I'm forgetting stuff. We've tried to enjoy our last summer with Girly Girl before she goes off to kindergarten - just letting her have no cares in the world before reality sets in. Well as much as it can in the life of a five year old. Our big trip was to Disney World. Actually, we went to Orlando for the Southern Baptist Convention, which we all really enjoyed but the kids will tell you we went to Disney. Somehow, four kids 6 and under at Disney in June never seemed to go well in my mind, so we only took the older two. Ages 6 and 4. Tall enough to ride most everything. We went knowing we did not  intend to spend our life savings (take your own food in and save a bundle), so we narrowed it down to the 'must-dos' and had a blast even in the afternoon thunderstorms both days we were in the park. They absolutely loved it. Watching the excitement and thrill in their eyes as they saw princesses, rides and characters from their favorite shows was completely worth the heat, tired feet and dollars spent.

This trip will always be etched in my mind because we only had two children with us. It was a tad boring with only two, relatively independent children. That's compared to our normal four, not so independent moments. I was reminded how much I don't know what's best for me. Only the Lord does and He knew that two kids was not best. Having four kids is shaping us into more of who God designed us to be. I'm not sure what that will exactly look like 20 years from now, but I am glad it won't look at tad boring.

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