Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No Drama, Just Boys

I cannot fully imagine what it would be like to have more than one boy. I recently got a glimpse.....stinky, hot, sweaty, loud, rough, high speed, fun. I traded two little girls for one boy - our only nephew - for a couple of days. Toads has three little sisters and JL has two older sisters. If only there were some brothers along the way......I don't think I could handle it. We were at the soccer fields by 7:15 in the morning, spent over and hour trying on every piece of equipment Academy has to offer and played outside in the Texas heat and dirt for longer than String Bean and I care to remember. But did those two little guys have so much fun!! There were no bossy little girls to tell them what to do. I just hosed them down several times instead of discussing the dirt on everything and ignored all of the very loud crashes and thuds coming from the floor above me.

To all you moms of multiple or only boys....you have my respect. I think I will enjoy my drama queens for now and cut the boy some slack when he is tired of accommodating the females in his life. Now if only we can convince those sisters to wrestle without crying and sweat without complaining.

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