Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Swimming Machine

This is quite random and late, but I think late is how I would best describe my memory archiving abilities at this time. I am currently over a year behind on our family scrapbook and I have not even started Cassidy's baby book (15 months and counting). I have to get that done before the new baby arrives.....or at least started.

Anyway, Colton made great strides this summer in his swimming abilities. He was 4 years and 3 months when 'pool season' began and by the and of the summer he could swim the length of our neighborhood pool without assistance and without stopping. Goggles are a must!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting His Feet Wet

I am so thankful for the opportunity afforded to Colton this morning. As I remember back to my college days, I was quite fearful to pray aloud. I stressed out about what other people were thinking. I have since gotten over that fear with some pushing from the Holy Spirit and a few 'job requirements' over the years. I often pray that my kids will not be shy and fearful as they learn to pray in front of people. Colton got his feet wet this morning in this department. He was asked to say the closing prayer at his preschool's Christmas program. We knew ahead of time about this opportunity and we practiced with him and gave him the 'speak loud and clear' speech. He practiced once on the microphone and then did a great job closing the program. He never acted nervous or anything. I am a proud mommy and grateful for the lessons my children are able to learn at this young age.

A side note about Campbell..........she was also in the program and had a memory verse to share with the audience in the microphone. "God is love" were the loudest three words spoken this morning! She was so excited to tell me later that 'everyone clapped after she said her verse.' They did. There was no missing the Lino kids.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Life on the Lino Journey

Well, there are now six Linos..................the latest Lino will enter the world in early June 2009. Our lives have been full of surprises over the past 10 years, probably none more so than this fourth child that is having its way with my body right now. We are on such a journey with the Lord and I can't wait to see how baby #4 adds to the excitement. With this blog, I hope to keep myself reminded of some of the details of the journey and let you see His work in our lives.
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