Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Beaming

The fifth birthday is a big deal around our house. The boy got a gun and started learning personal money management skills. The girl recently turned five and is learning money management. She also got her ears pierced. We talked about it for some time............that she was becoming a young girl and would have responsibilities; that she is a beautiful girl created by the Lord. She was so excited, until we got to the store and discovered they were closed. It's a long story, but only the Lord could have worked this out. I had called the store to get all the details and they told me the 'good lady' arrives at work around 6pm each evening and she could only do one ear at a time. I was a bit concerned that we might only end up with one ear done after the drama that would unfold, so one ear at a time was not my ideal situation. Well, when we pulled up and unloaded the Six Linos out of the van for the big event, they were closing the store - it closes at 6pm every day. So Girly Girl, fell apart - was just devastated that she would not get her ears pierced. We went down the road a bit to another store that I knew did piercings and it was fabulous. Both ears at the same time!!! Thank you Lord for working it all out. She climbed up in the chair like a big girl and did not cry at all. She was beaming from ear to ear, jumped up in her daddy's arms and absolutely loves her new look.

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