Saturday, August 28, 2010

Girls Gone Wise

Women, you must read this.........Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild by Mary Kassian. I finished it earlier this summer and it is still working on my heart and mind. It is something every woman or young lady in the reality of today's culture needs to read. If you are not the wild woman now, you have been or are in close contact with ladies who are and the way of the wild is not God's best for any woman. Kassian takes a structured, Biblical approach to combating the destruction caused by a woman being caught in the enticement of our seductive culture. From Proverbs, she offers 20 points of contrast of the Wild Thing and Wise Thing: heart, counsel, approach, attitude, habits, focus, appearance, body language, roles, sexual conduct, boundaries, authenticity, neediness, possessions, entitlement, reliability, speech, influence, sustainability, and teachability.

Each chapter or point of contrast can impact your daily living. Perfect for individual study and reflection, this book would also be a great small group resource. The Biblical principles are laid out in a candid and graceful way in order to encourage women to embrace the meaningful and redemptive life found only in Christ. Kassian's website has a video book blog, study questions and numerous other resources to supplement the book.

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  1. Nicole ~ I "discovered" Kassian's web site via a link on your sidebar and I was instantly intrigued. I didn't buy the book right away--I didn't need another thing to pack! But I saw this post a few days ago and immediately bought the book. I'm loving it! It's convicting, inspiring and encouraging. Great review! :) ~K


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