Sunday, May 15, 2011


We are not all about feeding the 'I need recognition and awards' craze in general, but we are ok with these...........the three oldest had their AWANA Awards Ceremony to recognize their hard work on hiding God's Word in their hearts. Toads and Girly Girl received book completion as well as extra credit pins for their year in Sparks and Samoosa got in on the action this year. It was her first year in AWANA - the Puggles group. She sang the Puggles theme song and said one of their verses............'God made me in His image.' Toads shared the R verse in Sparks.

Our New Annual Celebration

When Toads was entering 1st grade, we committed to the Spanish Immersion Program through 5th grade and with that, we now celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Each class performs a dance or two during the special presentation for the parents and later to the entire student body. Toads had a fabulous time and we have all loved watching and re-watching both dances.

Here are his two dances. He is front and center dancing with the tall blonde girl. I apologize for my inability to keep the camera still.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Improving Her Skills

Girly Girl can ride her bike!! We are all  very excited as this means that the Six Linos can go on a bike ride together as a family. We are looking forward to some quality time on our bikes. Today she mastered the turn. Lots of loops.

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