Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Good to Be Five

This little jewel turned five years old today. Our Girly Girl is such a joy to have as part of our family and it has been five years full of excitement, all things pink, giggles, dress up, passion and of course some drama along the way. Her little personality is just precious even if sometimes puzzling. She only likes to play games she knows how to play - which means she can win. She wants everyone to follow the rules. She likes to be in charge of all of the aforementioned rules. She wants to play with her brother and all the boys - while wearing her tutu and heels. She loves to read. She takes things very seriously. Everything except her closet must be just so. She wanders in her own world. She is just perfect!

I am certain the next five years will bring many more moments of joy and laughter as we watch her grow into a young lady. I am looking forward to parenting and loving this precious gift from the Lord. I am thankful that He has entrusted her to us.

Happy Birthday Girly Girl!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday, Girly-Girl! I've loved "watching" you grow up. :)


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