Sunday, August 22, 2010

Novelty Hasn't Worn Off

Our precious almost three year old surprised me yet again. I knew Samoosa was excited but I had no idea it would translate into today's experience. She came to 'big church' with the family for the first time today. The older two came at about this age as well and she has been begging to come for a few months now. So, with promotion Sunday today, we made the leap.

We prepared ahead of time. I had been training the older two all summer to sit next to each other instead of one on each side of me. Since Nathan has other responsibilities, there is no way to split up all three if them. Samoosa helped pack her big church bag with special goodies that are just for the sermon. She checked out the worship center and 'our seats'. We had many discussions and great excitement about her joining us in worshipping the Lord and trying not to distract others.

She loved it! She focused intently on what was happening on the stage. Climbed in and out of her seat at the appropriate times. Bowed her head and closed her eyes. Didn't call out for Daddy while he was on stage. Only spoke a few times and not all that loudly. Enjoyed her bag of goodies. I couldn't have asked for a better first go of it.

I am not completely delusional. I know it was new and there was still novelty to the whole thing. I know the next several months will be hard. I probably won't be able to replay an entire sermon in my mind for months. Worship just won't be the same for me for a while. It's so worth it! One day not long from now she will hold up her own hand written note in the middle of a sermon just like her older sister did today - 'I love you Jesus'. Molding her heart and modeling a love and worship of the King is worth every minute of half-tuned-in sermons.

Family worship with Daddy on stage 'preaching to the big people' and our 6, 5, and almost 3 year old with me on the second row of a major construction zone is a treasured memory that will never wear off.

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