Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Latest Trip

Linos & Byrds - 4 Cs and 4 Ks

A trip down memory lane can invoke many emotions. My latest trip took me to Corpus and back 30+ years. I have known Amanda since she was born (just a few months after me). We grew up together, spent holidays together, roomed together at A&M, stood next to each other at our weddings, had babies together, struggled through life together and so much more. While we were visiting this week, we looked through old pictures. How I wish they were digital so that I could post them here. Well, maybe not the incredibly out of style ones. But, it was so fun to see those pictures and remember all of the times we have shared over the years. Dance recitals, halloween, zoo trips, and baking cookies.

The Lord has been very gracious to us and allowed us to live close enough to each other so that we continue to make memories. We share a love for the Lord and are both deeply committed to our families. We never miss a beat in our relationship. We can not talk for a couple of weeks and still be so connected. Our short time together this week was rich in laughter and meaningful conversation, encouragement and fun. Such a blessing. It is a friendship I treasure and thank God for regularly.

In all of our imaginative play and dreaming as little girls, we never played out the current scenario......each of us married with four kids. The oldest is almost 8 and the youngest is 4 months. They too had a fabulous time this week playing and being silly friends.

This trip down memory lane invoked thankfulness and awe at the Lord's orchestration of the friendships in my life. It is one I hope I do not soon forget.

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