Monday, June 20, 2011

Complete Set

I am so excited to have this complete set of the Women's Evangelical Commentary - Old and New Testament. It is a fabulous tool for women desiring to enhance and have that 'extra' in their time of personal Bible study or preparation for sharing more of God's Word with others. Thank you to Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Kelley for making it a reality and my sweet husband for giving it to me.

Here is brief description of the New Testament version:
The Women's Evangelical Commentary: New Testament is a Bible commentary written and edited by women for women. While other commentaries take an egalitarian view of the relationship between men and women, the editors and writers of this commentary believe the complementarian view of the relationship between men and women most accurately interprets God’s intent as expressed in Scripture. Features include:

• Introductory background (author, recipients, setting, outline, themes)

• Verse-by-verse exposition, giving special attention to passages of interest to women without sidestepping difficult-to-interpret passages

• Charts, maps, and word studies

• Character sketches of women in the New Testament

• Pronunciation guide for difficult proper names

• Archaeological notes

• Featured articles on topics of interest to women

• Devotional insights and inspirational notes

• Suggested bibliography for further study

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