Saturday, June 11, 2011

Different Kind of Two

Mommy's girl

We had a different kind of two this time. String Bean (who isn't so stringy anymore) turned two last week and we celebrated as usual. The requirements were inexpensive and nothing that required my house to be spotless. The local butterfly park in our neighborhood was perfect. She had a wonderful time and the older kids had their bikes. All were happy. What made this one different is it was the first two year old birthday party we have hosted at which I was not either caring for a newborn or extremely pregnant with the next little Lino. A bit odd when we thought about it, but so right. Our sweet little family is just right. We are in such a wonderful place in life and loving every minute of it. Yes, there are moments of wanting to pull your hair out because of exhaustion or just irritation, but that it is not the norm. The norm around here is laughter, silly kids, lots of reading and swimming and just plain old fun together as a family.

Her 'sugar' birthday!
Bubbles and playground did the trick
String Bean is such a wonderful part of the Six Linos. She has become quite chatty and makes her opinions known. Being the fourth, she has learned to jump in and get what she wants. She is a momma's girl....still cries after two years of being dropped off in the church nursery. She gives some of the best snuggles. She loves her Bubba. She is a gift from the Lord.

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