Friday, January 15, 2010

More than Ashamed

As my husband reads this, he will most likely think 'how do you find these things?' I say 'the internet.' Really, this came to me via a retweet of a retweet of a retweet on twitter. I hate to admit it and I should be more than ashamed, but I am often not overwhelmingly passionate about my thankfulness to the Lord for allowing me to have such a healthy, unscathed by trauma, happy family. We have a home with heat and power, I spent the afternoon at the hair salon, we have not spent months on end at a hospital bedside, our children ride their bikes carefree down the trail, we are not buried beneath the earthquake ridden rubble, my husband is employed, there is laughter all about, I worry about what to type not what to feed my family. He has given to me more than I will ever deserve.

Just as the woman you will read about below cries deeply in a pain unfathomable by many to the Father, I should be crying out to Him with a heart full of joy and a thankfulness for the blessings He has given to me.

The McRae family has an amazing testimony of remaining faithful during the most difficult times. In the next few days they will make the most heart wrenching of decisions regarding the care of their 6 year old, Kate as she fights an agressive brain cancer. I will continue to pray for them and most often be convicted of my ungratefulness as I read their updates. You can access their caringbridge site here. An excerpt from today's post:
So tonight our hearts are heavy. The decisions and possibilities for our daughter looming. Words will almost not even come for prayer. Just the deep cries. Yet we know He understands those. Please be praying for wisdom. We need it desperately. Kate needs prayer also. She is doing great at home. She laughed hysterically tonight when we let Patrick (her dog) upstairs and on Will's bed. She kept laughing and saying she was so excited she thought she would explode. Sweet girl. We thought we were going to explode tonight too, just for different reasons. We are so grateful that she seems sheltered from the gravity of the decisions ahead. She knows she may go to transplant or may go for brain surgery again. She said "oh no" for the brain surgery. "I will get that icky taste in my mouth again". She is okay with the baldness. She says she may stay that way forever now. No tangles and her dog can't bite at it. I love her thought processes. She is special beyond words.
-----O LORD my God, I will give thanks to You forever.-----

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