Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Isn't This How Everyone Does It?

Middle of the night...again.....and this time I have just finished packing. Every mother knows that it usually takes more time to pack your kids to stay with someone than it does to just take the kids with you. Well, three of ours are staying behind while we are away. I just finished packing -for the most part. My need to have everything just so took over a long time ago. I always have a list before we go anywhere. If it's not on the list, it doesn't get done or packed. To leave the kids, I take it to a whole other level. Every kid has an outfit for every day or event (so sometimes two changes a day) and it is placed in a ziploc bag with a color coded index card that has the outfit written out including what shoes and hairbow goes with it and when it is to be worn. I do all of this in hopes of outfits being correctly matched, kids wearing the correct size and to ensure that there are enough clothes for the visit. This time was a little more challenging as the clothes are getting bigger in size and all of the winter-wear that is required for the frigid tempertaures approaching. I have convinced myself that this is actually helpful to whoever is keeping them. Well anyway, I feel good about it even if everyone thinks I am a little weird. So if you see my kids out and about mismatched, just don't tell me.


  1. That kind of detail is the only way to (try to) make sure your kids things stay organized when you're not there! :) I haven't used index cards with all the details for indivual outfits--great idea. ~K

  2. After a week-long scout camp, a friend unpacked her son's duffel to find every single daily-outfit-bag unopened. He had worn the same outfit the entire week. Ick!

  3. Love the way you work Nicole :-)


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