Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hoping to Make It Three In a Row

2008 and 2009 both managed to bring snow to Houston. The kids (and me, too) are hoping for a Third Annual Snow Fight between the Linos and Haths. The boys are best buds and Girly Girl can usually manage to hang with them. This year, since Daddy was stuck on an airplane, the Haths bundled and loaded everyone up to come over to our house. The kids had a fun time making snow balls and just being goofy. I know these will be some of the fun memories that our kids carry along life's journey. I am thankful for good friends that share our values and are willing to hangout with the sometimes nutty, often quirky, and never dull Linos.

Samoosa learning to make her first snowball.

The bed of the truck is always a good place to find the snow stacked up.

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