Friday, November 20, 2009

What are the names of your sisters?

From the back of the van........'mommy, what are the names of your sisters?' Those that know me, know that I only have two brothers. This line of questioning required me to probe a bit to find out exactly what my inquisitive 5 year old actually wanted to know. After many more questions and drawn conclusions on my part, I determined that Toads was asking about all of my sisters from my Chi Omega days at Texas A&M. He had recently been to College Station and driven by for this photo op of my sorority house in which I lived. This picture and his interest in their names and what they were to me caused a flood of memories for me.

Bid night at the Beta House. Peaches. Grab-a-date from the rec center. Formal at Olsen. Wedding shower in the parlor. Ms. Gibson. Kingwood connections. Shoe polish. T-shirt envelopes. Songfest money. Descending the staircase on Valentine's day. Ro. Tortillas and queso. Monday nights. My ring pass.

I had not intended to go through Rush until my summer orientation on the sprawling campus. I really wasn't even sure what it was all about. I did not set out to be a part of the Chi Omega sisterhood. Within nine days of being on campus I was a Chi-O pledge and had an immediate group of people around me. Yes, I saw more alcohol on bid night in one place than I had ever seen in my life and I was often around people that did not make the same choices as I did. I was not alone. There were people who made choices and lived lives like me. I was an active Chi Omega for four years without compromising on things I knew to be right and true. Being a Chi Omega does not define me. It is a part of  my life experience and something I would definitely do again. I am glad I did it. I made wonderful friendships that have lasted through the years. I learned tons about myself. I learned a lot about the world. I gained understanding and clarity about who I am and what I want my life to be about.

Chi-O ever after, we'll remember you.

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