Sunday, November 1, 2009

After the Drama

I know that many a girl has been accused of being dramatic, but Fall Festival 2009 brought out the best in Toads. I have never had to buy him a costume. We were out of town some years, wore Aggies jerseys one year, borrowed some and so on. This year, as a special treat, I bought him a costume that he picked out (on sale for sure!). Naps were had by all and he was the last to wake up.....quite possibly on the wrong side of the bed. When he woke up he could not decide what he wanted to wear. We finally decided on the Aggie football player - which was ok since the Ags have played some decent ball the past two weeks. The costume might have been on for a total of ten minutes before he began shedding pieces so that it was easier to flip down the big slide. Ahhhhhhh, all that drama for ten minutes and a photo.

P.S. Our little mermaid was very cute and had a fabulous time without all of the pre-show drama!

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