Saturday, November 28, 2009

Encouraging Meltdown

A four year old female meltdown can often lead to a 33 year old meltdown, but today I was actually encouraged about our parenting skills. It was a boys' day and girls' day. The boys went off together without announcing where they were going and the girls did girl things around the house and then ran an errand or two. I was looking at Christmas tree options and just talking to Girly Girl about them and in passing happened to mention that we would talk to Dad about it when they got home from the football game. She absolutely fell apart. Right there in the store. She could not believe they went to a football game without her. She wanted to go to the football game too! You can just imagine the drama from the prissy little girl in a pink hair bow, pink dress and pink shoes sobbing because she was not at the football game. We are definitely doing something right........the girl loves her football. I hope her future husband thanks us one day.

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