Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Could Never

We have all said it. I know I have many times. "I could never have that many." Kids that is. True, most of us are talking about something in the 8+ range and the high number of 18+ like the Duggars is certainly not even on the radar. But there are many of us that said it before we have what we have. I have people tell me often, "I don't know how you do it, I could never have four, I am about crazy with the ones I have." We just can't imagine how adding one more child could possibly be beneficial in our already busy, sometimes overwhelming, stressed, maxed out lives. I completely 'get' this mentality today - my day with three kids at school for most of the day. It was so productive until I had to pick one child up early, go get the next one and then back to get the last one, only to have one fall apart crying trying to recite John 3:16, one fall and get hurt (lots of drama), one have an allergic reaction to something at dinner, and all of them just plain grouchy. I put them all to bed at 6 pm (not to worry, they will sleep until about 6:30 in the morning.) They were begging to go to bed. So tired. Me too.

Trust me, there are no new announcements to make on the Lino home front. We are NOT planning on having any more children, but I can remember feeling this way when we only had one or two and three. There are just some days that you just don't think you could possibly handle any more children. You can't handle one more sleepless night. One more tantrum might put you over the edge. One more rebellious outburst could make you crawl in a hole. One more sassy remark may cause your teeth to crack when you clamp them so hard instead of sassing back. Then the Lord sees fit to expand your family. He did it to us. More times than we ever planned. Here we are with exactly the number of children that He wants us to have and I can't handle it on my own. I have four kids more for me than for them. These four precious kids I have stretch me more in my faith and reliance on Jesus Christ than most things could. I face challenges and circumstances with them that teach me daily more of who God is and how He loves me. The character building that goes on in my heart because of what I didn't think I could handle is incalculable. I could never grow in Him like He desires without this perfect plan and these four little faces. It's the best!

Some of my faves from this summer and fall.

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  1. That is so true! Thanks for the reminder, Nicole!


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