Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Good Kind of Hiding

We are so proud of all of the recent hiding that has been happening at our house. Hiding God's Word - particularly in the hearts of Toads and Girly Girl. They have worked hard over the past year at the Awana Club at church to memorize their verses. Girly Girl finished up her second and last year in Cubbies and memorized 30 verses. Toads completed his first year in Sparks where he memorized over 40 verses in his two books. At the award ceremony, he was part of the team that was scheduled to recite the Sparks code - P is for Power.

I continue to learn that even with the best of intentions, life with four kids never goes as planned. You just have to laugh. Awards day was one of those days. Sunday afternoon in preparation for the award ceremony, I had to finish applying all of the kids' patches/awards to their vests. I spent over an hour looking for Toads' vest that was not where it always  is....still haven't found it. My attention to finding the vest was derailed when he woke up screaming from his Sunday afternoon nap. As a toddler he experienced the very painful nursemaid's elbow - a child's elbow bones get partially pulled out of joint and do not line up normally - in both elbows multiple times. Assuming he had outgrown it as most kids do, we had not given it another thought since the last epsiode three years ago. We have now been reaquainted with the blood curdling screaming that goes with putting the bone back in place.

I say all of that to emphasize how proud I am that Toads continued with his committment to recite the verse and receive his award. We went on to the church with his arm wrapped up tight next to his body and he climbed up on the stage and said his verse perfectly. We slipped out early to go to the emergency room where it took three adults to get the bone back into place - on the first try!

We are looking forward to alot more hiding of God's Word around here. They are always so excited when they hear one of 'their verses' somewhere else like in class or from the pulpit on Sunday mornings.

Great is our Lord and mighty in power. Psalm 147:5

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