Sunday, May 9, 2010

After 11 Years

I had a wonderful Mother's Day today...for several reasons. I didn't have to cook. I took a nice nap. Everyone was healthy (for the most part). It was my first as a mother of FOUR. And, my mom was with us for the first time in 11 years. After I married, we moved to North Carolina and there were other celebrations that won out in the 'when do we fly back to Texas' race. Once we started NEHBC, it was a bit challenging to get away on a Sunday. I made a point to invite Mom and Dad over this year because it was the first time that mom would celebrate Mother's Day after the loss of her own mother, Grandmommie. Knowing that they would be free to travel this year, I planned the weekend. Nothing big. Just together. All three of us kids were here and we just spent time together and visited. Today, we worshipped at NEHBC and went out to eat. The restaurant which is normally quite nice was actually terrible. Poor service put many of us in grouchy moods. While I enjoyed not cooking, it might have been better to stay home to cook and clean!

I am so thankful to the Lord for my mom. She has always been the loving and devoted mom that anyone would want. I know I can't even begin to understand all of the sacrifices that she has made over the years for our family. So much of her time in the last 34 years has been pouring her heart, time and energy into helping the three of us become who we are today. I think she did a great job! Thanks mom for loving each of us so much.

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