Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not Often Enough

We were able to spend some of our weekend with our sweet friends from college.....well, actually a little bit longer. Amanda is the only friend I have from birth that I keep up with and see on a regular basis. So many of my other friends from that long ago are the Facebook type friends now. Thirty four years later, we are both more than happily married and have seven kids between us.....four Cs and 3 Ks. Yes, the grandmothers have a hard time keeping them straight. I wish we could be together more often, but I am always blessed by the time the Lord does grant to us to spend time visiting and letting the kids play. We are the type of friends that time does not hinder. We pick up right where we left off the last time. There are few people in the world who mean as much to me as Amanda and her bunch.
Me and my four Cs (6, 4, 2 & 11 mos) with Amanda and her 3 Ks (6, 4 & 9mos)

The maternal grandmothers with the two youngest

String Bean (11 months) and KR (9 months)

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