Thursday, October 8, 2009

Self Imposed Prohibitions

I am so glad this day (actually yesterday) is finally here! I have released myself from the self imposed prohibitions that I placed on myself two weeks ago. Really, I had to work to get to this point. I evaluated some things in my life and found that I needed to change things up a bit.

At the beginning of 2009 I committed to reading through the Bible with our church family. We have a reading guide that has us reading a portion of Scripture six days a week and at the end of the year we will have read through the whole Bible. I have done this before but it is different this time. Having people within our community of believers doing it together added an excitement to it. Accountability too. I did great until I gave birth to our fourth child in June. I tried doing it while I was feeding the baby and that worked for a while. Then excuse after excuse mounted and I got behind. Several weeks behind. Actually, I got behind on many things, but not the things that I loved - email, facebook, blogging, sleeping. I am sure the list can go on.

So, a few weeks ago I felt very convicted and I put a stop to many things and got caught up on more things. My Bible reading is actually ahead and is so much more enjoyable. The catch up time was not nearly as refreshing. I was reading to catch up - fast. Now I am able to take more in and enjoy what the Word has for me. I like the sense of accomplishment of having caught up, but I like even more that I will finish my commitment and be changed for the better when it is all said and done. Now I can read, study, blog and email freely without restrictions. Yeah!

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