Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Outweighs the Rest

I had a conversation this week that got me to thinking. A young mom of one precious little boy and I were talking about being mom to one and being mom to more - what it's like, what I'm like, how you do it, how you don't. I was speaking very candidly about my experiences and thinking back to the whole conversation, I am glad I did. It was good for me and hopefully encouraging to her.

Being mom is the most important 'job' I can have. It outweighs my other responsibilities by far. There are other important things I do - both in and out of the home - that require my love, attention and effort, but almost all of them could be done just as well by someone else. The thing about being mom to Toads, Girly Girl, Samoosa and String Bean is there is nobody else that can do it better than I can. I don't say that with attitude. I say that with the confidence and endorsement of the Creator of the universe. The Lord called me, ordained my steps, designed me to be His child, Nathan's husband and mom to these four precious children. He chose me - with my strengths and weaknesses - to love, mold, nurture, train, encourage and guide their little hearts and lives.

I was made for this. I am not a generally laid back person. I have a junk drawer or two. I can go with the flow sometimes. I have yelled at my kids. I like rules, guidelines and routines. I make mistakes. I feel strongly about things being organized. I get frustrated and exhausted. With all of my faults, I will always be mommy. I can't do it on my own, but in the strength of the Lord Jesus, I will strive to be mommy for His glory. I am honored to have such a high calling and count it a privilege to be mommy of our four.

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