Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Being Present Means So Much

There is just something about the man, the head of our home, Daddy, husband being home. The whole day can be completely out of whack. The baby could have wet through two sets of clothes. The two year old could have bitten through two layers of skin - attached to someone else's body. The darling diva probably had a meltdown about dancing clothes and the only boy ended up just plain old tired of girls. That doesn't even include the freshly minted pink load of laundry or pot plant that was completely dumped out in the living room floor. This scenario is only compounded when Daddy is actually out of town. Everyone really pushes the limits and 'buttons' during those times.

Our whole existence could have all been completely looney and in walks Daddy from a long day at the office or a short trip. The initial response is glee and it is like a switch has been flipped. Calmness comes over our home. You can feel it in the air. The tension is gone. He doesn't have to do or say anything. He can sit in big blue and just be. It is simply the authority in our home being present that enables stability and peace to flow throughout - from Mommy on down to the littlest of all, String Bean. His being here gives us the confidence that we have someone looking after us. His physical presence in our lives takes away all the cares and worries of our lives.

He is a wonderful picture of what the Lord Jesus is to the Christ-follower. Just Jesus Christ being present in my life takes away the cares of the world, provides protection and peace, stabilizes an otherwise chaotic life, and relieves the tension of my sin. His personal presence in my relationship with Him is what I trust in and rely on for daily living and all eternity. I am ever so thankful that Nathan is willing to just 'be' here but even more awestruck at the unimaginable cost and sacrifice that was undertaken for my Lord to be in my life. Thank you Lord Jesus.

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