Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We Did Survive

As a mom, my mind wanders frequently down paths (or spaghetti noodles) that really are ‘what-ifs’ and pretty much out of my control. While kindergarten quickly approached, I not only fretted over Colton going off on his own and becoming independent, but also one of his best buddies, his playmate, his every present sidekick, his sassy shadow, his cheerleader, his sometime bothersome little sister – Campbell Jade. Colton was only 17 months old when she was born so it seems they have just always been together. Just yesterday at the gym, a stranger asked me if they are twins. Colton is several inches taller than her, but it is something that I am often asked.

My heart ached some for Campbell. I didn’t want her to miss him too much. I didn’t want her to sit in his bean bag all day in her cheerleading uniform waiting for him to come home so she could root on his team. I wanted her to be independent too. I wanted her to be the big kid. Not that she is not already bossy, but I wanted her to be the responsible older child while Colton was away. After all, she has two little sisters that will watch her every move.

Of course my ‘what-ifs’ were just that……..and God had it all in control. Campbell has had a wonderful two days without her bubba. Right now, I can only think of a handful of times that they have ever been separated since they were old enough to know they were separated. She has not asked when he is coming home. She has played very well with her next sister….teaching her the many things you can play with your baby doll. Teaching her several girl things that she just cannot play with her older brother. Boys don’t do those things!

She does love that boy, though……..sitting in the car pool line waiting for Colton today I heard from the back of the van: “Raise your hand if you miss bubba.” Cam’s hand went high, Cass joined in….and mom, too.

I can already think of more of these transitions Campbell will have – each time he leaves a school just one year ahead of her. I hope they all go this well.

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