Sunday, August 30, 2009

Unplanned is often best

My personality likes spreadsheets, lists, organization, bins, planners, to have everything mapped out, structure and that's just not how my life always happens. We are busy in general and Lino life can be hectic at times. This past week was no exception with the addition of kindergarten. We had our regular activites throughout the week and then we had rain. Yes, I know some of you haven't seen any of that in a while, but we saw close to 2 inches fall over the last 7 days at our house. Those two inches provided some of the best unplanned fun we've had in a while. The four kids and I loaded into the van from gymnastics in an almost terrential downpour and we were soaked to the bones. So when we arrived at home, Daddy joined us for some good old-fashioned playing in the rain. My schedule was messed up, but there was laughter all around. The guys threw the baseball. The girls stomped in puddles. The little snake didn't make it across the road. The clothes were dripping. The smiles were big.

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