Monday, August 31, 2009

One Down and Many More to Go

On Friday, we received the first week of homework assignments for Colton's class. Don't get too worked up. It's not so much. He has to read a book three nights a week and turn in this poster with the standard 'all about me' questions on it. He worked hard coloring, cutting and writing the answers with Daddy and had all of his homework done before dinner Friday night.

Some answers to the prompts:
-My favorite food - PIZZA
-My favorite animal - WOLF
-My favorite book - DINOSAUR CATCH (Mommy is not sure what this is)
-My wish - be a FOOTBALL PLAYER FOR TEXAS TECH (these Aggies are praying hard against this one, although from the looks of it A&M football will not have recovered by the time he gets there)
-What I like most about out school - MASCOT PANTHERS
-What I do well - HIGH DIVE (he sure is fearless up there!)

Great job Colton!

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