Monday, August 24, 2009

The Day Has Come

It has been an actioned packed day at the Lino house and it is not even lunch time. Well everyday seems to be action packed with four small children, but this morning was also packed with emotions and lots of excitement. Mom and Dad started pretty early, but it was Colton that really got the ball rolling. You see, he is big now, he is independent, he is confident, and he is ready. We dropped our oldest child off at kindergarten today.

Colton came bounding down the stairs at ten after six this morning! We weren't expecting to see him up that early but he climbed up on the bed for some morning tv with dad and was grinning from ear to ear. So excited. Just thrilled to run off to big school. We went through our morning routine, which if you have not heard is very organized and runs very smoothly.

The babysitter arrived for the three little girls - I mean, really, who wants to see the new kindergarten mom arrive with her husband, kindergartner, preschooler plus a double stroller with two more little ones roll into the already packed, chaotic school on the first day? Off we went - Mom, Dad and Colton.

Earlier this year as we were thinking ahead to kindergarten, we really felt like the Lord was drawing us to a particular school for Colton. It wasn't the school we were zoned for in the old house. It's not the school we are zoned for in the new house. It's just another school. The Lord saw fit to have Colton at this school - Pine Forest Elementary. We are excited to see how the Lord is going to mold Colton through the experiences he has at PFE. His teacher is Mrs. Dees and we have heard wonderful things about her already. Although we have been praying for her for quite some time, it is so nice to finally have a name and a face to pray for specifically.

Colton was very chatty on the way to school......about snow - when he last saw snow, when Chloe might see snow, just snow. Not sure why snow was on his mind, but it was. He bounded out of the truck and walked right in the building with Dad. He hesitated for just a split second when he entered the classroom and then he was on his way. No tears. Just excitement and looks on his face that said 'I know what I am doing - this is no big deal.' I had my camera and held back the tears behind the lens. I did not cry.
I really don't think the morning could have gone better. I am praying that his day goes just the same. More on Mom's day with the girls later.

This day was inevitable and it is exciting in so many ways. The heart strings are pulled tight. We have worked diligently for five and a half years to prepare him for this day. He is ready.

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  1. Our oldest grandson started to kindergarten yesterday too, so as a Mimi, I almost know what you were feeling...but not quite the same as a mommy. Deana did shed tears after she left him in his room, although he is very ready/well-prepared too. It is a huge day in your lives and the pictures will be so special. I did so enjoy reading about your experience also. What a milestone in the life of your first born child!
    Barbara Probandt


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