Saturday, August 22, 2009

No Crying She Makes

I will have many memories of Chloe's first ten weeks of life.......but one I would like to forget is the continual screaming every time she is put in her car seat. While most babies love their car seats and sleep peacefully for hours in it, Chloe has never liked hers. She screams and I mean screaming like she is terrified or in pain from start to finish. In the house. In the van. In the stroller. No matter where the car seat is, if she is in it she is screaming. It did not make for relaxing road trips or short rides to Sunday morning worship. I was to the point of dreading going anywhere because of the tension that would ensue from any experience in the car seat. The older children learned very quickly to remain almost silent anytime we got in the van so that the noise level would not be any worse while Mommy was driving.

Well, after some 'internet research' and unscientific polls, I tried the swaddling approach. I use the kiddopotamus swaddling blanket that is made to fit the five point harness of her carseat. I buckle her in and wrap her tight like a sausage. Taaaaa daaaaaaa! Quiet baby. Sleeping baby - for hours. Content, looking around baby while we drive to church, the store and any other errand I feel like running that day. It has been a little over a week and the swaddling has made all the difference. The tension has eased and Mommy is very happy!

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