Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mommy and JUST Me

self-checkout at the library
Today was a 'mommy and me' day for Samoosa. She wasn't really feeling herself so I asked if she just wanted to hangout with me while the other three were at school. A resounding yes was her answer and off we went to do what mommies do on the 'I have no kids at home today', library, Easter dress shopping, coffee, etc.

We had a fabulous day just being together - the two of us. It rarely happens so today was extra special. I was able to see more and more of who she is and what she loves. I am pretty sure today was the first time she has been through the bank teller drive thru (not ATM) because she was astounded that the lady sent a sucker back to us. I was the astounded one when she asked 'did you order my Easter dress online since that's what you do when you don't want to go to the store?' Four year olds knowing about e-commerce is just crazy. Her favorite part of the day was 'playing librarian' at the self checkout line in the local public library. The favorite part of my day was enjoying the blessing God has given me in our third precious child all to myself. She is a joy and I love doing life with her!

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