Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So Far So Good

We are easing into some healthier eating changes around here. So far, we are doing whole wheat (homemade) bread, the whole wheat pancakes (recipe here) and wheat dough for our homemade pizzas. All of our pastas have been switched to whole wheat. I have added more fruit to our already fruit-heavy diet and eliminated some of the crackers and pre-packaged snacks that seem to disappear like candy around here. It's amazing - if you don't buy it, they don't eat it.

Everyone seems to be adjusting well to the changes, but it was not a seamless transition. The whole wheat pancakes taste much better with chocolate chips instead of banana. The bread is rather dense, so you have to only eat half a sandwich and some of the littles don't 'love it'. They eat it, but could do without a sandwich if allowed. Some of the pastas made the switch without anyone knowing they were wheat. Nathan did not even recognize it a couple of times. The texture is the hardest thing for me to accept. The wheat pasta seems a little rough to me and not nearly as slimy.

Vegetables are our biggest challenge. I don't like them - never have. Salads, green beans and green peas are staples that go over well in addition to a few carrots here and there. We are really lacking in the veggie department. That's next on my list.

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