Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The First Part of the Slow and Steady Plan

sausage & pineapple pizza on homemade whole wheat crust
With Daddy missing dinner last night, I decided to try something different. Not toooo different. I have been looking into different options for our eating habits lately and one of the changes I am considering is switching from enriched flour to a pure whole wheat - tortillas, bread, any doughs, etc. I actually feel fairly confident about the Six Linos being able to easily transition to this since we already only eat a 'honey wheat' bread off the shelf.

So, I, for the first time in my life I think, actually made pizza dough from scratch. It was much easier than I anticipated.....whole wheat flour, olive oil, water, salt and yeast....all in the mixer and no problem. I skipped the tons of veggies on top and went with good ol' sausage that the Linos know and love with some pineapple and mozarella. My thinking was to only make one big change at a time. The toppings were things the kids would eat so it would only be a test on the dough. There was only an eighth of the pizza left after the five of us finished.

Overall, the feedback was good. In response to 'how'd you like the pizza?' I got a 'loved it', 'more', indifferent and 'can we have different dough next time.' For now, I am going to give it a few more tries. The machine homemade whole wheat loaf is on the counter for lunches and then tortillas are next. I don't have any scientific research and numbers at the ready to say this is best (although there are many bloggers who say it is), but I think some slow and steady changes will benefit our overall health.

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  1. Hi Nicole! I am trying to make "slow and steady" changes at our house, too. I think it's the best way to build the changes in as habits. I am hoping to try baking our own whole wheat bread soon!


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