Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This is My Life NOW

There are many things I could be doing right now. Laundry, vacation research, studying, sleeping (sounds like the best option to me), cleaning, rocking a baby (no, this one is the best), helping with homework, writing, picking up toys, calendar planning, visiting with friends, praying for church members, etc but my mind just keeps coming back to being worn out. Throwing a pity-party could be an option, too. You see, I have this pastor husband, these four growing kids, this house, this ministry, this place of service, that all require something of me. I have to tell myself regularly that this 'is my life now'. It won't always be like this. I will have time to paint my nails one day without them getting scuffed by a tonka truck zooming across the floor. I will one day regularly go to the grocery store in under an hour. I will one day only make one bed a day. I will one day have a full weekend. I will one day not carry my wallet in a diaper bag. I will one day walk through a parking lot without holding a little hand. One day I will not be worn out. Ok, I can hear you now - 'that one day will just be a different worn out'.

You may be right, but the only problem is the glory of God. Worn out or not, my life should be bringing glory to God. This doesn't just happen on its own and rarely am I a shining example. It has to be a conscious decision.

Some thoughts on how I do what I can to honor Him in my worn out state of being......
-my pastor husband has an important, time consuming job - do my best to not make it harder for him; no complaining; no interfering-
-a cheerful attitude with my four kids-
-stay on top of the 'making home a home' tasks-
-get good rest - take a break here and there-
-carve out time for Him and His Word - regularly-
-say 'no' to the requests that don't fit into the 'for His glory' plan-
-have fun-
-remind myself 'it's not about me' and this 'is my life now!'-

Let my mouth be filled with Your praise and with Your glory all the day. Psalm 71:8

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  1. Very inspriring, Nicole! Thanks for sharing. ~K


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