Monday, April 26, 2010

Praying for Baby Addison

Please join me in praying to our Great Physician and Comforter on behalf of this precious family. Nathan and I have known Ginny (mommy) since she was in middle school when we met her parents at seminary. We love this family (all of the Greens and Deasons) dearly and they need a great army of prayer warriors before the throne on their behalf NOW. Baby Addison was born yesterday morning and is critically ill. You can see an update from this morning written by her Pops on Facebook:
Addison Update - Monday 4/26 morning
Friends, I've spoken to Cheryl this morning and she said Addison is extremely critical. The Drs. informed Ginny and Cheryl this a.m. that Addison has some severe problems that they will not be able to fully diagnose for the next 72 hours, most of which surrounds her brain. They have her on a "cooling therapy" regimen where they lower her body temperature to slow down her systems, hoping to stop this abnormal activity. They are pretty certain she has some sort of brain damage but will not know the extent of it until after they complete this regimen and do an MRI. Along with the complications from her breathing in birth fluids into her little lungs, they are gravely concerned as to whether she will be able to survive. The good news is they think her lungs are now clear of fluid but this may have caused other problems. The reality of this news is hitting us hard. We know the Lord is in control and has a wonderful plan for Addison and us. We are praying for this little life that God has given us and we would love to raise her to love and serve Jesus for a long life; but we're surrendering to His will and praying that His glory would be made known one way or the other. We are humbled by the outpouring of support and prayers from the saints of God who are flocking to the gates of Heaven in prayer on behalf our precious Addison. Words cannot express our gratitude and we stand in awe of our Heavenly Father. Addison has the best care no money can buy because the Great Physician has her chart. We love you all.

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