Friday, April 30, 2010

And She Sleeps

The night before you go out of town is always crazy. Well it is at my house, anyway. I always stay up late into the night packing and checking my lists. Well Wednesday night was one of those nights. Nathan and I are getting away for a retreat and some meetings and leaving the four kids behind. Two pairs in two different cities and we are going to a third and fourth city. This packing night was a little more interesting than most and one I care to never repeat again.

Samoosa wasn't feeling well and I thought it was just a cough/cold thing. At 1 am she proved there was more to it and the hotdog, milk and whatever else she ate came right up on our white couch and all in her hair. Needless to say, cleaning vomited hotdog out of the sick two year old's hair in the middle of the night was not the easiest task. Why do they always vomit up the nasty food? It's never something plain and bland like dry cheerios. Upon completion of the clean up process she sprawled out on the blanket just a few feet from the front door to watch me finish packing. And this is where she sleeps..........not the safest or most comfortable spot!

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