Monday, September 14, 2009

This time two years ago

Two years ago at this time - 2:35 pm - our Samoosa took her first breath in this world. What a fabulous two years it has been. The news of her upcoming arrival surprised us all and here she is a quick two years later with surprises, joy and blessings abounding. Her big eyes draw us in. Her squishy cheeks call out our name. Her Samoosa lips pucker up so well. Her determination is undeniable. Her ear infections make us sad. Her belly is never full. Her hugs and kisses for Girly Girl are constant. Her attitude is 'two year old cute'. Her words are few. Her opinions are many. Her desire to read is constant. Her screaming in bed is heart-wrenching. Her need for Mommy is extensive. Her love is contagious.

She changed us all. She is Samoosa. She brings an excitement for life to our family that only she can bring. We understand life more. We relax more. We smile more. We laugh more. We cry more. We went from four Linos to five Linos and this more has always been better! We love you Samoosa! Happy Birthday!


  1. POPs loves you also. You give your love so unconditionally. You are so very special to Pops!!


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