Friday, September 18, 2009

Long Lasting

One of the things I stressed out about when I was getting married was making new married friends. I know that's not on everyone's radar when you get married, but we were moving across the country eight days after the wedding to start two new phases of life - marriage and preparation for ministry. I wanted friends there, too. By the way, moving across the country was the best thing we ever did for many reasons. Finding friends in life is hard. It's even harder once your married. You want both of you to really like both of them. You will have couple friends that one of you really likes one of them, but rarely do you find both. We prayed for good friends that would love us and walk side by side with us in those days of learning.

The Lord was faithful to provide us with several couples with whom we are still close ten years later. They are all people who love Jesus like we do and want what's best for His glory and not ours. Their ministry and friendship over the years has been meaningful and met many needs in our lives. We have different things in common with the different couples and though we live many miles and states from some of them, my life is enriched each time I speak to them or hear of what the Lord is doing in and through them. I am thankful beyond measure for their willingness to love us, for God's provision and look forward to many more years of these lasting friendships.

One of the friendships we made in those early days of marriage was with a couple a few years older than us and in a different stage of life. They had five kids when we met them and we had only been married a couple of weeks and had no kids in our sights for some time. What may have seemed odd was easily comfortable and fun. We shared many Friday night pizza nights and a snow storm with their family and watched them closely. We saw biblical parenting at work in their home, a marriage grounded in God's Word and worked alongside them in our local church. There are many things that the Lord has been able to teach us through this family. He gave to us 'in-the-field' type training through this family.

Our seasons of life have changed. We have our four kids and they now have two kids married. We were able to hang out with the two newlyweds recently and it brought back such great memories. We played games, visited, laughed a lot and just had a good time. It was so fun to see the girls all grown up and married with new lives of their own. I pray they find the kind of couple friends that we found in their parents - the kind that will be a blessing, encouragement and support to them for years to come.

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