Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All Show and No Go

Well today did not go as I thought it would. It was the first day of preschool for our Girly Girl and Samoosa. The older has this down pat - third year, oldest on campus, no problem. The youngest - not so much. Samoosa was so excited to open an early birthday present and get her big girl backpack and lunch box. That was last night. That was not this morning. We had already met the teacher. It's the same classroom she has been to for over a year now every Sunday for two plus hours. It was not the same reaction. She screamed. She cried for me. It did eventually stop. We were all very surprised. I am not sure if I should be upset that she was so upset or glad that she wanted me and missed me. I think most of it was manipluation on her part and yet there is that little mommy voice inside that says 'but she is so cute, my little samoosa.' She had a good day in the end. We will shoot for a good day in the beginning next time.


  1. She is just darling and loves her mommy! I will come over and go to school with her if you want!


  2. She is so cute! I think you can be glad that she wants you around so badly. :) Lots of kids don't want that..
    Samoosa is an interesting nick-name...(Small,Savory,Pastry)It's cute. :) She's small....I don't know about the other part though...;)


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