Monday, July 19, 2010

One of the Best Memories

Hands down, I've made one of the best memories I will ever have of my children growing up.......taking Girly Girl on her first 'big girl' mission trip. It is something I will never forget and hopefully the impact on her heart and mind will also last a lifetime. She and I were able to spend just over 48 hours together - just me and her - working alongside our teenagers on one of their summer mission trips to Tulsa, Oklahoma. She didn't have to compete with anyone for my attention. We broke all the normal routine and rules (who cares if you have M&Ms for late night snack AND breakfast or stay up until midnight) and we just had a blast. We stayed up talking in bed about any and everything, we stopped whenever we wanted to on the 4.5 hour drive and bought snacks and drank sodas. Her adrenaline was pumping the whole time - bouncing off the walls and running down streets.

The time spent together as mom and daughter was amazing, but even more than that, the time spent walking side by side (or running ahead in her case) sharing Jesus with strangers and inviting people to hear God's Word was thrilling. We spent four hours walking the inner-city streets of Tulsa handing out tracts and having spiritual conversations when possible. She had no fear. The people didn't scare her. The surroundings didn't scare her. She handed out a Gospel tract to nearly every person we met. She was oblivious to the fact that the world around her speaks loudly against what she was doing. I was so proud of her.

We also participated in the revival/VBS evening activities. Girly Girl was one of the kids. She made crafts, listened to Bible stories and observed the recreation time (she's not big into losing or games she doesn't know). She had no idea that the kids she was with are so different from her in the world's eyes. She had no idea most of them didn't have a mom and dad at home - most not even one of the two. She had no idea that the hurts in their little hearts were bigger than most of us can even imagine. She had no idea that drug deals, hunger and addictions were commonplace in their lives. To her, they were all the same. To Jesus, they are all the same. I pray that as the world teaches her otherwise, her heart will be inclined to love them and offer them the hope of Jesus Christ.

Our team of teenagers and dedicated adults served as great role models for Girly Girl. They worked hard. The played hard. They love Jesus. I am so thankful for their willingness to include our little four-almost five year old. It is something that she will always remember. Thank you to Lindsey and Grant for having us on your door-to-door team. We loved it!

The memories are spectacular. I will treasure them always. Next up - Samoosa, in about two years! Girly Girl is already asking where Samoosa gets to go. Toads to Arkansas, Girly Girl to Oklahoma, where will Samoosa go?

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  1. Nicole, what a PRICELESS TREASURE!! Thank you so much for sharing this on Facebook. Such an encouragement to others to do the same with their children (hopefully, one at a time as you did). Absolutely beautiful! Thank You Lord Jesus for exciting godly parents. So proud of you! Camille Gilbert


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