Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ten Life Commitments of a Woman of Truth

First, I take no credit for any of this. I recently listened to a recording of a talk from the most recent SBC Annual Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky. The speaker was Mary Kassian and I can tell you now, I like how this woman thinks…..about life, the Bible, womanhood and much more. At this particular event, she walked through Titus 2 and shared ten life commitments of a woman of truth – what it means to be a woman of truth. Most of these ten things fly in the face of our culture today and go against what many of us probably unconsciously ascribe to. She says this is the bible’s vision of a woman of truth – ‘in your face, raw, irksome, painful, liberating, life giving, life defining, counter-cultural, healing, peroxide in the wound kind of truth.’ Here they are:

A Woman of Truth……..

1 – has a radical devotion to God. Her life is not about her, but wholly about the glory of God.

2 – holds to sounds doctrine. She studies and accurately handles the Word of God. She has doctrinal convictions. She can correctly determine what is good-evil, right-wrong based on the objective truth of the Word of God.

3 – loves the family plan. She is a lover of husband and children. She treasures and values the family (single women, too). She does not undermine the holiness of marriage. She does not speak ill of men or criticize them. She honors the marriage relationships around her.

4 – lives intentionally. She has self discipline in how she lives and conducts herself as a woman. She builds bridges to get her where she wants to be (like routine so she doesn't neglect family or time with God; encouraging husband; joining a bible study) and barriers to keep herself from going where she doesn’t want to go (like deciding not to be alone anywhere with a man that is not her husband; restricting her internet access; not emailing men) in her life.

5 – has godly character. She is pure and holy and holds herself to a high standard. She compares herself to God’s standards and not those of her girlfriends.

6 – has womanly priorities. She creates and manages a welcoming home. She delights in her unique role as a home creator and devotes her best efforts and time to that which is most important in her particular circumstance and season of life. She has a heart for the home both physically and spiritually.

7 – has womanly purpose. She is kind. She is a helper and not a hinderer for her husband and in all relationships.

8 – has womanly disposition. She is submissive; has a gentle, quiet and deferent spirit. She has an inclination to bend.

9 – is a spiritual mother. She is a teacher of what is good; a life-giver; nurtures and cares for others.

10 – displays the beauty of the gospel. She does not revile the Word of God. She reflects the character and responsiveness of the bride of Christ and exalts the glory of the Lord Jesus.

You really need to hear her to get the full effect and passion of what she is saying. I was convicted on so many levels. The Holy Spirit continues to use this message in my life to mold me and change me. I will never be the perfect woman of truth found in God’s word but as she says in this message, the Holy Spirit can make more holy today than I was yesterday. I want it to be so.

PS – You can get a copy of the CD from (go to the 2009 Pastor's Conference and Southern Baptist Convention link). There are also numerous resources on Mary Kassian’s website that deal with biblical manhood and womanhood. Great stuff!

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