Friday, September 23, 2011

The Littles Are Getting Big

String Bean and Samoosa, September 6, 2011
It's nice having two pairs. The older two, aka Bigs, often go together and the younger pair, aka Littles tend to partner up as well. After sending Toads and Girly Girl off to school several weeks ago, it was time to get the Littles ready for their big day. Going to 'school' is something they both love and meets a need in all of our lives. They feel very independent and look forward to all of the 'big' things they get to do on school days.....take a lunch, carry backpacks, do work, play with friends. I look forward to accomplishing a long list of to-dos in record time. Tuesday and Thursdays are good all around. Here they are being big on the first day of school.

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