Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not Completely Different

There are times when the 'preacher' life our family is called to is different from the lives of say, our 'engineer' neighbors. Vacation is not one of those times. It takes me days to get ready to leave. All the buying supplies, washing laundry, packing suitcases, making plans. It happens at our house, too - until the wee hours of the morning prior to departure. Putting six people in a van for a 12 hour drive is the same no matter who you are - brutal. Checking into and unpacking into a condo with small children can only go one way - not fast enough. Spending hours on the beach with the kids never changes - spectacular. People watching in a 'touristy' destination - never dull. Coming home to reality after a memorable vacay - we don't want to either!

This preacher family can't wait for our much needed vacation! It is relaxing to just think about the phone not ringing and not being on call. We won't know what to do with ourselves with a full Saturday to play and not be preoccupied. While we have embraced many of the differences in our lives, we are just thrilled that we can be just like everyone else when we are on vacation.

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  1. I love a good "preacher vacation! And, since my dad, brother, and husband are all preachers our family vacations are full of extra sighs of happy relaxation. Enjoy!


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