Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why Not the Fourth Too?

We went four for four on this one....Today, String Bean had her tubes put in and adenoids removed. I tried to convince them to take her tonsils too, but her age and size of her tonsils did not permit it. This is the fifth time Dr. Newton Duncan has operated on our four children. It's old hat for us it seems. His office and business efficiency is one I wish more doctors would emulate. Even he was surprised that all four have had to do this. I'm not sure how all of the sinus - ear infections thing really works, but I know our four have it down pat. The older three have responded beautifully and this surgery made all the difference for them. I am just thrilled we finally got it done for String Bean. The days of hearing loss and 30 straight days of antibiotics are hopefully behind us.

String Bean and I arrived at the surgery center just after 8:00 and we were on our way home at 10am. She did wonderful. When we arrived in the pre-op room, there were two of her favorite things..........rocking chairs. She got hers and I got mine. She played with the doctors and stickers and rocked away. Just before they took her back, I kissed her on the head and the wonderful anesthesiologist picked her up and off they went. She insisted on taking her feet braces with her and only cried once I was out of sight. It really wasn't so bad. I had a twinge of 'wishing I could go with her' feelings and then it was off to the waiting room.

I barely had time to get out my reading material before Dr. Duncan came to get me. She was done! Under 30 minutes. Very routine. She did not think it was so routine when she woke up. It was all my fault. I forgot - actually never even crossed my mind, that her 'pacifier' is her left hand. Unfortunately, her IV was in her left hand and there was no way to get it in her mouth. She pulled at it, cried at me and was basically unhappy until it came out. Poor thing. I felt terrible.

We had a nice quiet day at home with one sister in Dallas visiting cousins, the older two at school and Nana here to help. The anesthesia wore off without complications and she took a great nap. It was nice to have a day at home without a lot of rushing around. String Bean ate and ate and ate - everything except for the Sonic slush. I still don't understand who could not like one of those, but she clearly doesn't. She did not really feel like eating when we ventured out to one of our favorites - Chuy's.

Other than a little bit of 'cranky' and pitiful our day went very well. I am so thankful for the Lord's provision for String Bean......a wonderful doctor and his available schedule, Nana who could come help, adaptable older children, excellent medical care at the center, a flawless procedure and an easy-going patient. She even had me and the nurses rolling with laughter in recovery with her sad cries for help with IV. I love this girl!!

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