Saturday, April 4, 2009

Is it Really Necessary?

If you have ever taken more than one preschooler to the grocery store with you then you know there is no need to ask 'how was your trip to the store?" when someone returns from taking THREE preschoolers to the store. So my schedule just wouldn't let me get to the store this week without the kids....I took all three of them yesterday for a big shop - not just fruit and bread. We started out alright. The parking was close and then then real test - there was not a cart in which all three children could be confined (usually there is at least one cart that will hold them all) so two would have to walk.

You know how this went.....can we have this, I want that, apologizing profusely to other shoppers for any number of things, forgetting something on the list, crying baby, things tossed out of the cart, crushed bread, and one and a half hours later.......only to have the young lady bagging put the bags of canned food on top of the fruit and chips.

Why do I do this to myself? Hopefully I will remember this latest experience next time I just 'have to go' to the grocery store. We may go without fruit or milk for a while.

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